05.08.2022, Music Weekend Music

On the occasion of his new debut album „Boy Alone“, Numéro Berlin asked the Nigerian singer and songwriter Stanley Omah Didia aka Omah Lay for the top 15 of his most influential songs.

Between sweet and easy vibes and calm aggression – Lay’s sensitivity and talent helps him becoming one of the fast rising, international Afro-beats artist that he is also presenting in all its facets on his new album:

“ ‘Boy Alone’ primarily describes my life being an entertainer and stereotypically expected to be extroverted but on the contrary, I find company within and that’s where this album was made from; it’s also a tribute to my Dad who went by that nickname among his peers for being a man that lived on his own terms. I guess the apple never falls too far from the tree…”

Omah Lay is a storyteller, in his music he lets his soul speak. This is what makes him so different, so special, so real. Instead of following the path of endless collaborations just as most of the other artists do, Lay wants to stay true to his art and personality. Instead, he makes an impression on the industry by collaborating with superstar Justin Bieber.

Tune in to „boy alone“ and our little playlist now:

Terri is amazing. Simple. This is my favorite piece from Terri and he totally killed it.

First time I heard this song, the calm aggression from the beat, bounce and lyrics got me. Listen to my alternate cuts for YOU and you’ll see how much I love this song.

Blaq is a bad boy. His music gives an idea about who he is and I totally relate to that cuz that’s me too.

Russ is one of my faves. I probably have a million in the total streams of this song. I love Russ.

I got comfortable letting my sound and music reflect how I’m feeling from listening to Billie. She’s a total vibe.

You won’t find many music lovers in Nigeria that don’t love PND. And this song in particular. I’m no exception. Great song.

A pop song saying how much you don’t give a f..k? Yes, I’m sold. I love it

Burna is a legend and a big brother to me. And he made legendary music when he did this song. A classic.

DJ Tunez has a great catalog and I got hooked on Differently from the first time I heard it

Ayra is just amazing. Love her sound. Fashion killer is the one I think I’ve played the most and I’m not done.

Company is a type of song we don’t get everyday from afrobeats artists but Davido can’t be boxed in. A legend.

You can’t even start to count songs by Wiz that would make your playlist but I’ll just go with this one. Sweet One, sweet music.

Ajebo Hustlers are PH legends and this song tells you why. It also made me want to meet the producer (Orlandoh) and I finally got to work with him on Recognize off my Boy Alone album

2baba was an entire era. Every time I go back to this song I feel like saying something. An absolute classic.

Drake has to be my all-time fave artiste. He just hits me every time. Headlines is just total flames.

Picture courtesy of Omah Lay/ PR