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Prada announces the sixth Timecapsule NFT collection and invites members of the Timecapsule community to register for the exclusive Prada fashion event in Dubai and the Prada Extends event at Art Basel Miami. Prada will launch a further exclusive drop of new limited-edition shirts crafted using upcycled materials from Prada’s archive, on November 3. This time, Prada has taken style inspiration from the 1970s: November’s shirt is a Prada reinterpretation of typical 70s-style patchwork shirts revised in a modern key with upcycled denim from the Prada Archives. Each fabric was pre-washed and treated separately before being put together to achieve different shades. After piecing, the shirt was washed again to combine the different treatments and complete the finished look. The shirt features typical denim garment characteristics, including a hazelnut-colored yarn and cuts that fray when washed, as well as modern Prada details like metal snap buttons and the classic triangle logo. Although all the shirts are made in the same way, the different treatments combined with the aging process of the denim give the garment an added rarity.

Diesel unveils new Ginza flagship store with brand’s new design by creative director Glenn Martens. The store marks a new step for the brand, continuing to invest on retail in one of its most important markets, refreshing its image and aesthetic. When guests enter the ground-floor store, they are fully immersed in the DIESEL For Successful Living ethos. Elements of renewal, upheaval and transformation are incorporated into the architecture. The second floor features an expansive, bright space with bone-white and red walls reminiscent of the brand’s iconic red logo hue and galvanized metal shelving that lines the perimeter of the store. Sculptural shelving, modern-industrial modules and ample beanbags are found throughout the open shopping area. The expansive, open, see-through facade creates an inside-out feeling and enhances the shopping experience. The basement has a unique design of red and white walls and contrasting clothing displays. The store currently carries Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection with a wide range of items for men and women, including denim, apparel, footwear, bags and accessories, as well as a selection of looks from the FW22 runway show.

This book created by Antje Peters is inspired of recent years in photobooks and artist’s book and presents the need to rethink the concept of the classic photography catalogue, in which the artist or photographer presents personal or commissioned images. Antje Peters is an German based photographer, who works as an artist with the medium photography and as a commercial photographer. For her latest project called Catalogue, she decided creating the book from the outside and filled the interior afterwards. For this book-object she copied the measurements of Helmut Newton’s 2009 edition, which means that size-wise Catalogue is a replica of SUMO. But it was not Newton’s book that got her interested in thinking about this project, but rather the inherent contradiction between ‘super special’ and ‘exclusive’ on the one hand and ‘mass marketing’ on the other. The dust jacket is kept in bright green. This color shade is also used in film and photography, because image software has been programmed to depict this color easily. In post-production, the green parts can be replaced with other images, colors or patterns, which I found a fitting ‘open’ idea. This dust jacket works as a placeholder and function as a substitute for any possible cover and persuades the viewer to focus on the book-as-object. The interior is filled with foam as quasi-pages, suggesting a fakeness supporting the idea of the book-as-object to become like a theater, film or advertisement prop.The girl, who is smiling on every image, presents and ‘advertises’ the object in front of the camera. The final book product functions as a catalogue for Antje Peters own photographic or or everyone else’s works, while at the same time it functions as product catalogue for the final object that people are holding in their hands. 

BFRND is presenting a Balenciaga summer 2023 soundtrack, called Elephant. For this song the brand has collaborated with Ufo361 and his producer Sonus030. The soundtrack was inspired by the feeling that you should fight for who you are and just stay yourself, giving strength to their audience. The song was created for listing while walking on the streets with the feeling of being unfeatable and nothing can stop you from being who you are. The expression the elephant in the room is a metaphorical idiom for an important or enormous issue, question, or controversial matter that is obvious or that everyone knows about, but that no one wants to mention or discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable and is personally, socially, or politically embarrassing, controversial, inflammatory, or dangerous. The name of the song Elephant alludes precisely to this theme and wants to show that it is ok to be the elephant in the room.

Fendi celebrates the 25th year of the well known Baguette bag. The collections of Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi at Fendi
Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co, Sarah Jessica Parker and Porter pay tribute to the bag and the city New York in which its place in pop culture history was sealed. Inspired by the object itself, a moment in time and the spirit and geography of a place, the baguette is translated in many ways, both in the form of clothing and accessories that reflect both the maker and the iconic object, without neglecting the joy and sense of celebration for the wearer. for the wearer. In this raw romance between uptown and downtown, luxury and utility, excess and reality, the baguette and its inspired garments and accessories are simultaneously defined as a moment in history and part of a continuum with the present. At Fendi, the essential utility of the bag becomes a multi-pocket motif that runs throughout the collection. The unmistakable baguette dimensions made mini and micro pockets, found on parkas and gaiters, stretching all over the body, on gloves, hats, skirts, sweaters and, of course, on the bag itself in one of its new in one of its new variations. For contrast and cohesion, a sense of hyper-luxury and shiny glamour permeates the collection. The baguette is not completely utilitarian after all.

Ralph Lauren and Epic Games, the creator and publisher of the globally popular online game Fortnite, announced the first partnership, representing a groundbreaking convergence of two iconic brands. The partnership will launch an exclusive digital apparel and accessories collection in the Fortnite Item Shop, as well as a physical apparel capsule inspired by the digital collection. For the first time for Ralph Lauren, the collection was conceived as a digital-first capsule and creatively influenced by a gaming design aesthetic. The digital outfits showcase Ralph Lauren’s signature artistry and craftsmanship, rendered in detail, while the physical capsule collection transposes the outfits into the real world. To highlight this interplay between digital and physical, the boot will come to life as a replica of the digital version of the Fortnite outfits and will be available in the coming months. The capsule collection will be available online at RalphLauren.de starting November 2, as well as at the recently opened Ralph Lauren store at Ku’damm in Berlin and via HighSnobiety and BSTN.

Rimowa is proud to introduce its latest creation for the holiday season: a new original suitcase redesigned as a tribute to the breathtaking natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. Made in Cologne, the suitcase is produced in a limited edition of only 1000 numbered copies. Continuing the celestial collections that include Rimowa’s Mars, Mercury and Moon suitcases, the new Original Cabin Aurora Borealis once again looks to the sky, this time to the fascinating Northern Lights. With its eye-catching pattern in vibrant shades of green and purple against a backdrop of black aluminum, the new Original Cabin Aurora Borealis has been carefully designed to create interesting visual accents throughout the case. The design, which looks like stars in the sky when you take a closer look, is the ideal companion for fashion-conscious and nature-loving travelers. In addition, a green sealant was used, a color choice that pays homage to the hue seen in a real Aurora Borealis. The pattern and shine of the shell create an optical illusion where light is reflected on the surface, mimicking the effect of the natural phenomenon in the sky.

Wood Wood’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection began with an idea of what an open space would look and feel like in today’s world. The collection draws on the heritage of artists’ workwear, such as carpenter’s pants with tool loops and painters’ shirts, and questions how artists would dress at their waterfront retreat, from starting work in the early hours of the morning to soirées at the palazzo at sunset: “Every hour of the day is a miracle of light. In summer with daybreak, the rising sun produces such a tender magic on the water that it nearly breaks one’s heart” – Peggy Guggenheim in Venice.
The garments are designed to give the wearer the freedom to act throughout the day. In this way, the focus is not only on functionality on a practical level, but above all on the well-being of the wearer. The SS23 collection is about creating garments that can be worn frequently and in different life situations. The collection can be worn from daytime to evening wear. The graphic stories for this collection take their cue from Peggy Guggenheim’s poetic appreciation of the sun’s rays dancing across the water and surroundings throughout the day. A dreamy airbrush print features a layered perspective of graphic elements, including staircases of Peggy’s palazzo and sunsets over Venice. Scottish outerwear specialist Hancock has applied its high-quality craftsmanship to this collection in the form of four different coats, each with an experimental exterior designed around archetypal silhouettes.

For the first time DoDo explores the use of semi-precious stones, especially smoky quartz and moonstone. New jewelry is created by fusing rose gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones with a savoir-faire between dream, mystery and reality. The moon and the sun are the two eye-catching symbols that the collection is about. With their well- known dreamy character these iconic symbols stand out throughout the jewelry series. The sun represents warm feelings and passion, while the moon stands for mystery and transformation. DoDo sets the sun in a pavé setting of brown diamonds on burnished gold and gives them a background of rose gold. The whole is accompanied by smoky quartz, a variety of brownish-gray quartz that dispels anxiety and alleviates depression and negativity. But not only that, DoDo also embellishes its famous sun pendant with brown diamonds that radiate from its center. The moon, the second symbol of the new jewelry collection, is placed on a rose gold background, but as a pavé of white diamonds on rhodium-plated gold. The two symbols, the moon and the sun, are combined in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. There are two designs for the earrings: One with brisur clasp and pendants made of diamonds, the other made of a rose gold wire with faceted beads of moonstone. The bracelets string together moonstone or smoky quartz beads separated by small tubular sections of rose gold. The same goes for the necklaces, which mix moonstone and smoky quartz beads instead. The version that combines pearls and chain brings the moon and the sun as pendants. The round neck model combines all the elements together. As the most valuable model, the necklace reproduces the most radiant of the sky on the neckline.

Dr. Martens launches their most technical and waterproof boot: the trinity. Dr. Martens is known for these indestructible boots made of black leather with a light rubber sole, which you lace up over the ankle. Dr. Martens looks back on a long history in which they were equally attractive for skinheads and punks, as well as for eco-movers, grunge kids and goths. Nowadays, Dr. Martens are a classic worn across all gender and age groups. In keeping with the sustainability movement, the shoes are now available not only in leather, but also in animal-free materials, as a vegan variant. And also in terms of color and shape, the classic boot has diversified: It comes in an ankle- or knee-high cut, or as a derby, and it exists in almost every color and material imaginable. The most versatile combination, however, is of course in classic black. The simple silhouette allows to customize each pair, while the famous durability and comfort make them ideal shoes for the world of gigs and street fashion. Above all, the shoes are a sign of attitude and empowerment. The Trinity boot is Doc Martens next step in winter protection, combining all weatherproof technologies in a single boot, strong enough to withstand winter’s harsh conditions and comfortable to be worn everyday. The boots are made of Kaya Nubuck leather over breathable, waterproof DryWair membrane and with a unique waterproof yellow stitching for staying warm in the coldest conditions with WarmWair, an insulated fleece lining, that locks in warmth when you need it most. These timeless boots offer a mix of durability, functionality and a particularly comfortable fit for every day.

Just before the Christmas season, Dior Maison presents a new collection, the result of a captivating dialogue between Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pietro Ruffo. This years theme: Spread your wings and dream of infinity. The collection includes soft pillows, christmas baubles, elegant porcelain cups, plates, mugs, bowls and a salad bowl, subtly enhanced with a 24-carat gold border. These pieces, in shades of blue and white, feature an enchanting pattern of the compass rose, the world map, the iconic Sevillian knot, flowers and the poetic saying Déploie tes ailes et rêve d’infini*“, which sounds like an ode to travel. The pieces are inspired by the Dior Cruise 23 show in the heart of the Andalusian capital, colors and patterns are picked up, celebrating the joy of travel and the diversity of different cultures. Another surprise is a vase, a decorative casket and two Christmas ornaments created in collaboration with the Manufacture des émaux de Longwy founded in 1798, which complete this enchanting universe. These exceptional handmade objects numbered and available in limited editions in selected Dior boutiques reflect a savoir-faire of excellence.

Bottega Veneta presents its Pre-Spring collection for 2023. It’s a thought process, an ethos, that drives the luxury label’s success: clothing is more than just a garment to be draped around, but a statement of simplicity explored under a deceptive lens, a piece not just designed but made. Such is the case with the house’s Pre-Spring 2023 collection, a selection of ready-to-wear that combines the Bottega Veneta hallmarks with Matthieu Blazy’s nuanced under-standing of relaxed, understated, quiet pieces. Model Emma Balfour opens Pre-Spring 2023 with a pair of jeans and a white tank top. But Blazy’s credentials for the finer details are also evident in this collection. A double-breasted leather blazer in cognac brown is layered over another finely woven blazer, while the wool flannel two-piece, dyed in an almost military shade of washed khaki, gives a sense of uniform. The sweaters are free of distractions and seamlessly cut and finished, while the leather pants in black are shiny but matte to add a formal touch. Curves are added into trousers and jeans to createa sense of movement in otherwise structured and rigid clothes. The joy continues when sequined slip dresses provide movement: a slinky fit accented by a low-cut neckline that blends into thick straps at the shoulders, adding dimension to what is otherwise a fairly average garment.  In total, Pre-Spring 2023 is an offering fit for all occasions to be worn by all people 

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Numéro Berlin’s weekly collection of the most exciting news about fashion, music, and simply everything t …


Numéro Berlin’s weekly collection of the most exciting news about fashion, music, and simply everything t …