In a recent interview, Paris Giachoustidis was asked which of the elements such as space, air, fire, water, earth would you choose in relation to your practice and/or yourself, and why? “First of all, space; secondly, water, water, water,” says the Berlin-based artist. Looking at Giachoustidis’ wide spectrum of modes, styles and formats in the medium of painting and drawing, the categories “space” and “water” make sense: The artist chooses his themes arbitrarily. All kinds of different subjects that he often encounters online occur next to each other, connecting dots like distant stars in the sky. This crossover unites themes from folklore to leisure, from soccer to camping holidays, to erotica to porn, expressed in figurative or abstract depiction, with photorealistic drawings as well as rough, neo-expressionistic and gestural painting. Like water that appears in different states of existence, Giachoustidis celebrates a variety of styles, techniques and topics with a curious, playful and often humorous mindset. Trying to decode the diversity of the styles he offers does not lead anywhere. The fragmented, rather project-based approach stems from the artist’s distanced way of sourcing information: It’s a referential comment on the globalized world that Giachoustidis virtually encounters online. In times where smart algorithms personalize and limit the complex world into echo chambers of our clicking and online surfing behavior, into seemingly perfect, coherent narratives, Giachoustidis’ eclectic artistic output, a fearless co-existing of heterogenous works, is eye-opening and refreshing.

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