04.12.2021, Musik News Weekend Music

Exceptional artist Sevdaliza, who has often proven to be one of the new leading voices in the current music scene, now announces the release of her new EP „Raving Dahlia“ on February 25, 2022 via her own label „Twisted Elegance“. As a foretaste of her upcoming EP she now published the track “ The Great Hope Design„, which revolves around the issue of female liberation by disrupting and redefining their role in modern society. This theme generally has a huge impact on her whole EP, as the artist processes her own precarious experiences in the music industry, as well as her general life path as a woman who has and had to break new ground at many points. It’s about pressure, frustration and immeasurable expectations.

’The Great Hope Design’ is a conceptual song about the feasibility of everything in our existence, which can be from the perception of your own truth to appearance, to A.I. In this song I question the truth and play with a futuristic universe.” 

To put a face to her art and bring it to life, Sevdaliza developed the Femmenoid „Dahlia“ over the past two years, which represents the perfect artist that everyone, and especially the industry, seems to expect.

„Hello, I am Dahlia. The world’s first Femmenoid. I am specialized to serve the unrealistic expectations of women in modern society. If we want peace we prepare for war.”


Credit: Pr / Sevdaliza