With soft words and passion, the Berlin-based artist Lie Ning is taking the listener on a journey towards their inner world. Looking what´ s inside with courage and vulnerability while being honest and open about oneself is Lie Ning´ s music. Dreamy, inviting vocals supported by strong acoustics do wonders for our ears and souls.

Tell me about how it all began. When did you first use music as a tool of self-expression?

I mean isn’t it already some sort of music when as a baby you pair different desires with specific sounds? I guess I’ve always been interested in the way we create sound to deal with social circumstances. The way people lower or raise their voices to draw you into their story or to be heard. The way you would go up at the end of a sentence to make a question out of what would otherwise be a statement. Music is in us, it surrounds us and it is moldable. I am intrigued in that communication. How to make people resonate to a story I want to convey.

Your music feels like a warm hug! On a scale from 0 to 10, how affectionate are you?

I guess that’s a question to my loved ones. Or you just might find out…

Platonic vs. romantic love: society has a clear distinction and hierarchy between those two. What are your thoughts on this?

Oh I do not differentiate much between them. We barely understand what love is in the first place, how should we then create subs? To me love is a lot of communication. Of course there is feelings and trust and care and desire and a sense of responsibility, all of which need to be communicated. We change so much and if you want to be in whatever relationship with another person you need to inform update each other constantly in order to go through time together. So yes maybe something was once romantic and became platonic or vice versa but in the end what it is is love.

What is a small gesture of attention that shows love more than conventionally romantic bouquets and chocolate?

Attention. If you are listening, asking questions, you will know what the other person is actually interested in. Gifting time is usually something quite valuable. An evening together, focusing on the two of you. I for example love when my friends, loved ones send me music or recommendations, postcards.. sth that made them think of me.. which I will learn about myself through it. Surprises (but also not for everyone)

In your single “Story untold” you sing: “In my arms what do you find what you can´t see”. Tell me what people can find in your arms that is nowhere else?

Hahaha that is for you to find out. Universally I will take care of you, if I let you in. On a superficial note.. I have a high body temperature and very soft skin… so.. there we go.

People who surround you, how do you choose them?

I have a strong sense for energy and I get quite excited over certain auras. Let’s say we are in a club or at an event, there might be this person that I felt even before seeing them. I will usually quite openly approach them and then we take it from there. I trust myself a lot when it comes to relationships. But more important is to see who lasts. And it is definitely not me who chooses, it’s always us in a way.

Which sound feels like home to you?

The sound of an espresso machine in the morning.

Your recent performance at the peaceful protest by Fridays For Future has been very inspiring. How can softness be political during current rough times?

I think here I need to differentiate between LIE NING, my artist persona and me as a person. What I want with my artist project is to spread warmth and love. I want the music to pick up and embrace especially the people that go through so much on a daily basis. I truly believe that we can create a huge change by spreading love and giving visibility. Me as a private person tho, get’s angry and frustrated and overwhelmed and tired and sad with a lot that is happening. Sometimes I let that out screaming from the top of my lung at a demonstration against all the injustices we face but most of the time I channel it to become someone I aspire to be.

How does Gen Z define love? What´s different from older generations’ values?

Uh I wanna know.. I think there is a greater understanding of love being something we can create, work on, maintain. Beyond ideas of relationship, family, monogamy. Love is no longer exclusive for a very specific family construct of a woman, a man and a little happy life. Love transcends, Love is, Love can be. And most importantly love is in us and for us as well as for everyone else.

How do you see our generation changing the narrative of the music scene in general?

I don’t know. We are in the middle of it. I’ll tell you in a few years. But what I can say… so far it feels hot.


Photography by Ronald Dick; Interview by Carolin Desiree Becker


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