Christian Cohle is an artist who presents sounds in cinematographic, ambient quality, combined with his controversial powerful tender voice. Thereby it becomes really personal, because from a visceral level his own truth is subtly revealed.

After “Another Life” he had just released his new single “Strength” on November 14th, to which we turn the floor over to him and he explains to us what strength actually really means

“What inspires my music the most, is life experience. Music is my way of connecting with my world, referencing it, reliving certain moments, wrestling with pent-up feelings, and contextualizing etc. It’s always been an outlet for me to discover more of myself I think, or to connect with deeper areas in my life that are often too difficult to sit down or hold for too long in waking life.

I’m inspired by other art too. Books, films, artwork, and other music too of course. They often become like channels that lead me back into myself, and help me create something fresh. Sometimes it’s a string of words I hear somewhere, a painting, a phrase that hits me like in a Murakami novel, or a sound I hear in a Denis Villeneuve film like Blade Runner 2049.

I have loads of aspirations for my music. My dream is to one day have a fan-base across the globe, to be able to tour all around the world and live comfortably one day from just making art. To build a loyal, quirky fan-base, that I’m proud of! That is the dream!

I aspire to always push out the boat further with my sound, and to also be a positive creative force in the world. To create something people connect with.

Strength was written sort of like a prayer to myself. It was me going through grief after a really heart-breaking event in my life. I felt completely depleted by what was happening around me, and Strength was an expression of me asking for the power to just get through the difficulty of the moment, one day at a time.

I grew up always hearing the phrase… ‘Christ give me strength’.

It was often said not in a religious way but just as a colloquialism after someone was exacerbated by something. It obviously stuck into my consciousness!”

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