In solidarity with her home country, Ukrainian-born and LA-based Couture designer Lessja Verlingeri started an outstanding project to show support, love and light in times of war.

Nobody lives in peace until everybody lives in peace. What has happened that we can only understand the meaning behind this reality until it threatens our own comfort zone? What kind of world is this where people try to find reasons to justify a war, no matter the circumstances?

Maya Angelou once said: „Nothing can dim the light which shines within.“ These powerful words seem almost obsolete in times of war, in times we stop taking our next breath for granted, in which nothing really makes sense anymore but the desperate strive to survive. If not to a physical death, we come close to a spiritual death, being forced to observe and experience how a piece of our heart is being destroyed because of greediness and megalomania.
We talk about protecting our planet but we don’t even manage to protect ourselves, our own people from the evil and ego-driven on this earth. We are busy with celebrating ourselves while innocent people constantly lose their houses, their families, their lives, if not in Ukraine, then on so many other parts of this world. Meanwhile we are continuing to live our lives, rushing and moving non-stop, it is only once we pause that the truth is crashing down on us: Nobody is free until everybody is free, nobody can live in peace until everybody lives in peace.
Maybe these words can inspire us to take a moment to send out love, energy and light to this beautiful country Ukraine, a country with so much precious culture and strong people.

Aiming to send supporting messages from all over the world, Lever Couture –
the label behind  talented designer Lessja Verlingeri – initiated a project that combines creativity and technology to give life to a ground breaking piece of digital art. In collaboration with digital artist Oliver Latta, Volumetric studio DNE and Real Motion, with a performance by Ukrainian artist and singer Tina Karol, Verlingeri and her team created a digital dress embroidered with words of love and hope that loosely map the borders of Ukraine and recreated also in physical for. Anyone with access to a digital device can upload their own love letters to be woven into a hand-crafted Couture dress. The dress will continue to grow – with love – over time. Loyal supporters of Lever Couture have contributed to the work of the designer and her team, a.o. Creative Director, Jenny Williams and Art Director Ricci Williams: Milla Jovovich, Kesha, Krysten Ritter, Banks, Nicola Formichetti, Rina Sawayama, Vera Farmiga are just some names among this community of love. Both the digital artwork and physical dress will be donated back to the people of Ukraine and auctioned for humanitarian efforts. 100% of all donations raised will be donated to the Zelenska Foundation.
Here ( ) you can find the link to make your own contribution as well.
Let love guide our way.


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