“We are gonna have a workshop in Mars and we will be immortalized in space”: IN CONVERSATION WITH YOON AHN OF AMBUSH®

Creative director Yoon Ahn became interested in gender-neutral fashion, the communication and expression that comes through clothing already earlier in her career. These influences evolve in her designs in a direction that focuses on minimalist reduced designs, as well as unisex shapes, resulting in clothes that tend to give their wearers room for interpretation, becoming a place of personal expression.
Always looking to the future, AMBUSH® combines the benefits of wearability in individual self-expression, highlighting in an authentic and distinctive way, while the brand breaks down any gender binary rules and opens the door to an inclusive universe.
And it is precisely this imaginary space that is created when wearing AMBUSH® that is now to become accessible.

Because fashion wants to be experienced with all the senses. And it is precisely in this spirit that AMBUSH® is opening various pop-up stores around the world in March and April of this year, which will bring the brand’s sphere to life in a tangible and touchable way, playfully merging and interacting with the garments of the collection.

What is the vision behind AMBUSH® and why did you decide to expand the brand in that sense through AMBUSH Workshop?

There are 2 archetypes to our brand, and they are creatives and explorers. With WKSP we wanted to help them enhance their lives and give them excitement while they are in their journey.

Did AMBUSH® Workshop offer you a way to evolve and develop in another, different direction? How would you explain the focus of the two lines and were there specific differences in the design process?

WKSP is more for being on the run and on the go, so we introduced tactical and outdoor influenced pieces. That is one way of exploring but there are also many other ways to interpret exploring in the world and the story changes along with the story of the season.

As a female designer, do you think you have another take on functionality and streetwear? Or what do you think generally shapes your view on design?

As any individual, I’ll have my views, way of thinking, living, and breathing in information. And all these get reflected into my design process. But I don’t bring in gender to the process as I believe good design is good design and if it works, it will appeal to everyone.

Looking at the AMBUSH® Spring 22 collection, when you transition into the workshop line, what really stands out is the color range and the prints, really like a perfect merge between functionality and streetwear. Can you say something about why these are the colors that the collection should be in?

Color is the best way to show mood and capture energy. The SS22 collection reflects that with psychedelic elements. I hope the clothes can transport the wearers into a new place in them.

What constitutes unique, progressive design for you and is there one piece that you would say is specifically special to you in the collection?

To me, design is seeking an answer and solution to a question or problem through aesthetics and creativity. To me a unique and progressive design is combining influences from different industries to create a bridge to help people find something they didn’t know they needed. A good design can reveal these things to people.

Starting March 21, AMBUSH® Workshop will cooperate with and be on display at various pop-up stores. What led to the cooperation with some of the world’s most influential department stores, including SAKS in New York or Selfridges in London, among others?

Having the AMBUSH® UNIVERSE in display at these significant and important locations at some of the biggest cities in the world, is a big step. We also are advancing into the Web3 space, and we wanted the pop-ups to incorporate into the entire UNIVERSE including the digital space. The objects, colors, and clothes tie into the future fantasy world we are creating withing this UNIVERSE.

Within the the pop-up store locations selection, we can also find the KADEWE in Berlin. Why did you choose this one? What do you find special about it?

Its one of the best select shops in Berlin and it is exciting to be in this great location when introducing AMBUSH® to Berlin.

Why couldn’t Berlin be missing from your selection?

I personally love Berlin. As lot of artists and young creatives move to Berlin there is a lot of interesting things and cultures coming out of Berlin. I would love to see how we can be part of this culture and see what we can create together in the future.

What was your idea of the pop-up stores, what should they embody and represent? What feeling should be conveyed?

I literally made our jewelry larger than life as jewelry is like a sculpture for me. In our metaverse SILVER FCTRY we also created larger than life jewelry in our PARK area where our customers can experience our jewelry in a new way. I wanted to create a feeling that digital, and reality should co-exist In our lives.

As you already mentioned: You’re also known for your unusual jewelry designs. So it’s no surprise that there will be an oversized piece of jewelry as a decorative element in all pop-up stores – Why is there such a big focus on jewelry design for you in general? What is so special about it?

I think jewelry is like the cherry on top in terms of fashion. Through jewelry I think people can express themselves and we can tell a person’s character and taste through jewelry. There is to some extent a sense of tribalism attached to it and represents social beliefs that come into play when expressing ourselves through jewelry. For me, being a graphic designer, it was easy to fall in love with jewelry first as it translates better for me graphically than apparel.

A human-sized version of the Daisy Jewelry Pendant will also be on display at KADEWE in Berlin – do daisies have a special meaning for you? And why did you choose this one explicitly for Berlin?

The Daisy has always been a part of our jewelry story. Daisies portray childhood innocence, simplicity, and joy. The daisy is two flowers in one: The large outer petals make up one flower, and the cluster of tiny petals that form the center “eye” make up another.


We as a brand share similar outlook of the world with mindset that “there is more than what meets the eye. “

Looking into the future now, what do you see for AMBUSH®?

We are gonna have a workshop in Mars and we will be immortalized in space.


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