Introducing: OOR Apparel, designed by OOR Studio, our creative family in Berlin

In times of crisis, fashion potentially becomes dark, dangerous, warlike. But exception proves the rule. Our colleagues at OOR Studio, the creative agency affiliated with the Off One’s Rocker publishing house, have designed a collection aimed at bringing imagination and fun back into fashion. It’s luxurious yet playful, never taking itself and fashion as a whole too seriously. At current Pitti Uomo, OOR Apparel is celebrating its launch, finally. It was all fun and games when Götz Offergeld, publisher and founder of OOR Studio, and Mirko Borsche, the internationally acclaimed art director behind Bureau Borsche usually working for brands from Supreme to Balenciaga, collaborated on stickers and merchandise with playful motifs for Numéro Berlin, one of the magazines that is essential part of Offergeld’s publishing portfolio. This became the starting point for OOR Apparel. The humorous attitude and imaginative spirit of the initial moment have endured and were translated into distinctive, highly recognizable designs. As a base for this hyper ingenious world of visuals, streetwear and tailoring come together in OOR Apparel, combining modern, timeless silhouettes and a traditional luxury appeal with playfulness, childlike fantasies, and a vibrant color explosion reminiscent of an LSD trip

With intricate details, the collection stands as an antithesis to minimalist conformism.

Diving in it, you can discover personal stories from the life of Offergeld, such as the publisher’s dog Pixie, immortalized as a print. The panther as his favorite animal and a symbol of power and strength serves as an icon throughout the whole collection, appearing on clothing and accessories produced by Fantastic Garments as well as shoes crafted by the German heritage brand Dinkelacker. Connected by the shared vision to merge fun and fashion, Götz Offergeld and Mirko Borsche created a collection that is authentic and unique as well as a space for a new, unbiased form of beauty and coolness, serving as the starting point of an idea for redefining innovative luxury. It encourages the wearer to bring optimism into the world through fashion. And don’t we all need more of this attitude? Having said all this, the start of OOR Apparel is part of a bigger development taking place at Off One’s Rocker, a publishing house (with prestigious magazines such as Numéro Berlin, Numéro Berlin Homme, Fräulein Magazine and Intersection Germany) that paved the way for OOR Studio as an creative agency and think tank for numerous of the world’s leading fashion brands. All of this is held and tied together by its own distinctive and recognizable aesthetic.

You see: It was a logical step that a fashion collection would complete OOR’s ventures. Stay tuned!


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Photography by Miriam Marlene