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In the serene French Alps, Sandra’s seemingly idyllic life with her French husband Samuel takes a dark turn when he is found lifeless, setting the stage for a gripping exploration of relationships and blurred realities in “Anatomy of a Fall”.

In the picturesque setting of a small village nestled in the French Alps, German writer Sandra, her French husband Samuel, and their son Daniel live a seemingly serene life. However, their tranquility is shattered on a radiant day when Samuel is discovered lifeless in the snow at the foot of their chalet. Was it murder, suicide, or a tragic accident? The sudden demise raises suspicions with the police, leading Sandra to become the prime suspect. What ensues is a gripping process of gathering evidence, slowly unraveling not only the circumstances surrounding Samuel’s death but also dissecting the vivid dynamics of Sandra and Samuel’s relationship.

At the heart of the narrative is Sandra Hüller, who delivers an exceptional and highly nuanced performance in the role of Sandra. The Cannes audience, along with the German and international press, celebrated Hüller’s portrayal. Living secluded in the French Alps for almost two years, Sandra’s life takes a dark turn when Samuel’s lifeless body is found in the snow.

The film intricately explores Sandra’s world, where personal and fictional realms converge. The opening question, “So, what do you want to know?” sets the stage for a precisely composed narrative. Sandra, defying societal norms, blends fact with fiction in her novels, reflecting her own experiences. The storyline delves into the chaos of family life, exposing tensions in Sandra’s relationship with Samuel. Despite external composure, subtle expressions reveal inner turmoil. As the narrative shifts to the courtroom, Sandra becomes a representative challenging gender stereotypes, navigating success in her career but struggles in love. The film unfolds a world interpreting her emotional reserve as coldness, leaving even her young son questioning trust, given her adeptness in blurring reality and fiction.

The drama made history at the Cannes Film Festival by clinching the prestigious Golden Palm, awarded to director Justine Triet – the third woman in the festival’s history to achieve this honor. Triet skillfully weaves a captivating relationship drama, cleverly contrasting the intricacies of private life with the harsh realities of the justice system.

Since its world premiere, “Anatomy of a Fall” has earned critical acclaim, with Sandra Hüller’s excellent performance recognized at the Cannes Film Festival and the European Film Awards. 

The film, along with another production, has secured nominations in the prestigious „Best Picture“ category at the Oscars.

Sandra Hüller, receiving her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress, is now poised to become an international star, according to several German newspapers. “Anatomy of a Fall” transcends traditional genres, offering a compelling exploration of relationships, justice, and the blurred lines between reality and perception. It is a cinematic masterpiece that leaves audiences questioning not only the characters’ actions but also their own outlook.


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