“If I have great lingerie, I feel sexy, good and strong. I feel empowered, in a way.”

Aubade, a renowned lingerie brand, has revealed that International Top Model Cindy Bruna will be the new face of its eagerly awaited collection. Known for her stunning beauty and exceptional charisma on runways around the globe, Cindy Bruna adds a touch of sensuality and sophistication to this partnership. As Aubade’s muse, she perfectly captures the spirit of contemporary femininity and classic elegance, core values cherished by the brand.

As a woman, in general, what does lingerie mean to you?

Lingerie is super essential in my closet; it has a real part. I really care how I feel in my lingerie, because even though you dont see it, you feel it. And for me, it is also a way to empower myself. If I have great lingerie, I feel sexy, good and strong. I feel empowered, in a way. So it has always been important to me. My connection to lingerie in a way started with my mom, who had the biggest collection you will ever see. Really! She always loved wearing lingerie. I can remember being younger and seeing her lingerie—a full set of lingerie she wore around the house. And I think thats where I take my passion from. 

I can see that you definitely integrate lingerie into your looks and make it part of them.

Exactly! I’m also wearing the body I did for the collection with Aubade today. Because I love to wear my lingerie during the day outside and to be showing it. Not just wearing it, but also showing it.

Aubade is a brand whose history goes back almost 60 years. What unites you?

I would say its about the values. Firstly, they are French, I am French, I admire the french savoir-faire.Its a brand Ive known my whole life. Literally, I cant even tell you the first memory I have of them. Because it is the lingerie my mom was wearing, I feel like it was always around me — a part of what I could see. And as mentioned the values: its a brand for women, a brand that empowers women, to make them feel beautiful, to make them express themselves through the lingerie. Its a brand that just loves women and is for women. And I think thats the most important thing for me.

A lot of your connection to lingerie was inspired by the way your mother lived with it. What exactly fascinated you about it?
I feel the way my mom was caring herself while wearing her lingerie… You know, this very elegant and powerful woman wearing the most beautiful lingerie that she loved—that was
just beautiful for me. And that is why I love wearing my lingerie now and showing it, because I feel like people should see this
“It’s a brand that loves women and is for women.”
Underwear is the layer that we wear closest to our body, to our skin.

It totally determines the way we move or the way we feel.


What does good lingerie need to bring to the table for you to feel good in it and to receive it as beautiful?

I would see the quality of the material first. The most refined and special embroidery and French savoir-faire is super exclusive. Thats something special we do have here in France. And then, obviously, the cut and how it shapes my body, how it feels on my skin. The color is very important, depending on taste. Black is what I wear the most; I think its the most elegant color. And blue is my favorite color. So for me, the color is so important. It needs to be perfect. Even the black. We dont think about it, but it has to be this really deep, intense black. It is the best. When you go into the cabin and try your lingerie, sometimes you dont have anything to say, but the feeling and how you see yourself and you know if its the one or not. Its a lot about the feeling. 
And I love the see-through. I’m very in love with this. I also wanted to add the superposition; being able to put something on top to cover the nipples if you want to. Being able to be see through or not, depending on what you want. And I do love the see-through effect on your skin.

I guess it’s a perfect mixture: see-through parts but also special draping— it’s really detailed. And especially with the corsage, you can see how it goes with the shape of the body. It’s really organic. What was your inspiration for this?

Movement. I started first with my stretch marks that I have on my butt. It took me years to say that it was beautiful, which is crazy to me. But it is a fact, and I think its beautiful. So I came from that shape of movement in nature. From the trees, the waves you see on the bottom of the tree; this little lines. For me, it was a match to combine what you see on your body and what you can see in nature. I even looked at the images of the sand with the water when it comes, and it makes these little waves on it. And I wanted those lines to follow the shape of the panty. It was kind of see-through: you can literally see my stretch marks and those lines on top. Its like a tattoo. Even here, you can see the lines and the graphic. To be able to show it a little bit everywhere: on the boobs, on the bras, on the body. So I started from there. And obviously, I had to translate it to Aubade, to make it become a real pattern. I wanted see-through parts, and I wanted to wear it day-to-night. When I say this, its more about home or outside, showing or not showing. Even the dress – the nuisette – I wanted to wear it with heels and be outside for dinner. Its a silk black dress, very long. You can also have the short version. The back is completely open with the same little wave details, super deep to the limit of your butt, which I think is beautiful. But you can make it shorter if you want to. I just wanted women to make it their own, to be able to change it and cover it with the brassière, if they wanted. Being able to express themselves through it. Its me, but I wanted it for all women. 

“I just wanted women to make it their own”
I love that you turned something you felt insecure about into something beautiful and artistic.

It is such a beautiful tattoo on your own body, and its so different on everyone. So I loved to also bring it on the lingerie.

You also talked about the colors. You have the „Imperial blue“, and the black one was called «Smoky attraction».

Yes, black was non-negotiable for me. And blue is my favorite color, but there are so many shades of blue. And that was one of the challenges — finding the perfect one. I had such a specific vision and this one is just perfect. Im obsessed with it. Sometimes it could be too bright, too deep, or too shiny, but this one was the one. 

Is there something you directly connect with this color?

Ive been painting. And actually, I didnt know that blue was my favorite color. Then I started painting, and I was using a lot of blue. I realized that I loved it. Everything that Ive painted, whether its the sky, the sea, or all those different shades…So beautiful.

What is your favorite piece from the collection if you had to name one?
I would say the black bra.
When you look back at the result and review the collaboration and creation of the collection, what were the highlights and biggest challenges for you?

The first one was to make it real. I had a vision, but I needed to translate that vision to a full team. That was a challenge. Because, obviously, you have so many ideas, but in the end, you have to make a product, in this case, lingerie out of it. I brought a vision board. It had a line, but it was specific—so specific that we needed to find what I wanted. It was coming back and forth, and we were doing a lot of drawing to see where we were going. Then finding the right blue, because there are blues that I dont like as much. And the highlight was seeing the collection in real life for the first time. That was like, «Wow, this is so good». Of course, we had to change things; not everything was perfect, but I could see that we were going in the right direction. And seeing someone wearing it — it was beautiful. And shooting the campaign was fun, too. I had such a good time with the whole team. 


Photography by Miriam Marlene


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