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Soccer tournament series celebrates the diversity of German soccer culture. In Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, Zalando is organizing an eye-catching tournament series that celebrates the authentic sporting moments that unite our communities. We gathered some impressions for you at the Berlin event on May 3rd.

There is hardly a more exciting sport than soccer. But why is that actually the case? Why do we stare spellbound at the screens, celebrating, falling and shaking with the players of different teams?
Soccer probably harbors a special level of team spirit and sportsmanship like no other sport. And because soccer is a very accessible sport, you need nothing but space, a ball and teammates. But soccer is also demanding and involves the whole body, is fast and characterized by rapid changes that can generate a new outcome within milliseconds. And soccer provides a basis for a variety of talents: while one player is particularly fast, another is particularly team-oriented, strategic or coordinated.

“As a girl who didn’t really dare to play because the boys usually dominated the ball, or when I tried to get involved in the soccer discussions, I was always ridiculed. My opinion was never taken seriously. This experience has encouraged me to build my own community now that I’m an adult.” – Tsellot

In 2024, Germany will be the epicenter of the soccer world when the EURO becomes the number one topic of conversation again. For Zalando, this year presents a unique opportunity to engage directly with European soccer fans and to create an unforgettable event that will leave a lasting impression across the region.

„Very cool event! Reminded me of my old days on the football pitch with my friends“ – Marvin Mario Bahome

In many cities, soccer fans come together to celebrate the game, but there are also humble places where great soccer stories begin. Zalando is shining a spotlight on the various communities that shape soccer culture in Germany by bringing the action right to their doorsteps. 

“Dynamic, exciting and thrilling! Soccer always reflects the dynamism and excitement of life.” – Yunus Mahmoud

Once the sun goes down, Zalando puts a light on the pitch, encouraging fans to keep enjoying the sport, cheering and celebrating. The lighting of the pitch is not only atmospheric, but also serves as a symbol of our focus: highlighting the diversity of communities and connecting people with a passion for the game.

“Super nice community and vibes! Soccer has always been a part of me. I’d love more events like this” – Marvin Appiah Korang

When the night falls and the players test their strength, Zalando is there to keep the focus on what really matters: By shining a spotlight on everyone who shares a passion for the sport, special and unique moments are given. To round off the event and, above all, to give the faces that often flit across the pitch so quickly a quiet moment to show the spectators the person behind them.
Zalando financially supports each participating soccer club for their community needs, be it for the expansion of their local infrastructure, renovations or other important projects.

“Zalandos Football Playground event was the perfect kick off for summer! Great people, good food and an amazing Football Tournament” – Yosef El-Matbouli

To create the right ambiance, Zalando built a “marketplace” where guests, players and fans can relax and unwind. This marketplace includes food and beverage stalls, a product display, a personalization station, a DJ booth, a photo wall and comfortable areas to linger.

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