Diptyque has opened a new concept store in Paris, a haven for beauty enthusiasts seeking a multisensory cultural experience.

This new boutique, now available in both London and Paris, is called Maisons Diptyque. Numéro Berlin celebrated the launch of this renowned fragrance house in Paris’s elegant 1st arrondissement at 7 rue Duphot with an inspiring evening tour. Spanning over 400 square meters, the boutique draws inspiration from traditional Art Deco. Here, visitors can explore Diptyque’s tribute to artistic craftsmanship, showcasing their extensive expertise in perfumery and the art of sophisticated living. This boutique not only offers a wide range of products but also functions as a cultural hub, regularly hosting exhibitions, workshops, and events—all distinctly Diptyque in their luxurious, sensual, intimate, and exclusive style.

The cultural space, curated in collaboration with Sarah Andelman, founder of the former Colette concept store, includes an inviting Café Diptyque inspired by the Parisian Café Verlet. The boutique will celebrate Diptyque’s partnership with Villa Noailles, a contemporary art center in Hyères, followed by an exhibition of sculptor Cyril Lancelin’s immersive pop world in September. Later in the year, British contemporary artist Lucy Sparrow will display her colorful felt trompe-l’oeil creations at a pop-art-inspired Christmas market.

Diptyque’s journey began in the early 60s when the three founders—interior designer Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, painter Desmond Knox-Leet, and theatre director Yves Coueslant—opened their first boutique at 34 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. They offered rare finds from their travels and artisan workshops, creating a space for encounters, exchanges, and discoveries. This spirit is the foundation of the new boutique concept, featuring stunning interior design, bespoke services, and exclusive previews of new scents and shapes.

The home fragrance salon offers a comprehensive range of products, including hourglasses, diffusers, candles, wax ovals, room sprays, and more. Customers can refill and recycle Diptyque products in the Second-Life Services Area, with fifteen of their eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum now refillable. Personalization services, such as engraving and artful wrapping, are also available. Other exclusive services include candle customization and fragrance consultations.

In the salon of curiosities, visitors can explore the complete Diptyque decoration range, featuring handcrafted porcelain candle holders by Cécile Bichon and glazed ceramics by Jean Roger. Each piece is produced in limited quantities. The heritage gallery pays homage to the Maison’s history, showcasing objects and works that define its legacy, from the earliest bottles and candles to personal items and original drawings by the founders. The design by Agence Nathalie Crinière integrates these elements seamlessly.


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